Upload your Grand Theft Auto V clips to TikTok

Combo makes it easy for creators like you to turn your GTA V clips into TikToks in a few clicks.

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Combo allows you to upload up to 100MB files on the basic plan, and 250MB on the pro plan.

Import or upload your clips

Import your GTA V clips to Combo using a link, or by uploading clips you have stored locally on your computer right to Combo. Once it's uploaded or in your Combo library, you can get started with editing.

Edit your video in the Combo editor in a few clicks.

Edit your GTA V videos

With Combo's editor, you can add tons of different things to your GTA V videos – like a facecam, subtitle overlays, images, and more. Plus, you can use one of Combo's premade templates that are already optimized for sharing on social media – like TikTok.

Combo makes it easy to share your edited videos to many social platforms.

Share to TikTok in a click

Connect your TikTok account to Combo securely and share your GTA V video to your TikTok account as soon as it’s done rendering. Say goodbye to downloading, sending videos to your phone, and uploading. Say hello to one click sharing with Combo.

Frequently asked questions about uploading GTA V clips to TikTok

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